To allow French-speaking people to enjoy TPRF’s website and to become familiar with the Foundation and its objectives

ANSWERS TO: The French Translation Team Lead Emeritus


To lead and coordinate ongoing translation of the TPRF website into French and support the translators so that they do not have to be burdened with technical and software issues


• Receive in Word format from TPRF's single point of contact articles or text that need translating, and distribute to the appropriate translators, taking into account their specific skills and availability
• Once material is translated, distribute to the appropriate volunteers for revision and then for proofreading
• Oversee or send final proofed and revised material to be uploaded onto site
• Communicate with team members and collaborate with them to ensure that material is translated, revised, proofread, and uploaded within reasonable deadlines
• In the longer term, help initiate — with the collaboration of translators and revisers — the creation of an institutional glossary of terms specific to TPRF that will be relied on when translating the site in order to allow for consistent use of language
• When new volunteers apply for positions on the French Translation team, be responsible for issuing them samples for translation, then making a decision to accept the candidate or not based on a reviser’s input


• Comfortable and competent with both spoken and written English
• Respectful of other’s skills and work
• Enjoys collaboration with others and teamwork
• Comfortable working with and knowledgeable about web-based applications for translation
• Has understanding of how websites are organized
• Advantageous to have experience with written translation
• Able to meet deadlines
• Proactive

REQUIRED RESOURCES: Private computer, high-speed Internet access, Word, Skype, and phone


Introduction to team and tasks provided by outgoing French Translation Team Leader. Guidelines and tech support provided by Online Manager for TPRF.



4-6 hours per week to become familiar with the role, then approximately 4 hours per week


Please send resume/CV to volunteer@tprf.org