Peace Education Program


The Peace Education Program is designed to help participants discover their own inner resources—innate tools for living such as inner strength, choice, and hope—and the possibility of personal peace.

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Food for People

A model food program for rural villages in poverty-stricken areas that is bringing about significant improvements in school attendance and achievement, community health, and economic outlook.

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Empowering People

This video summarizes how TPRF is working to empower millions of people across the globe to live with a strengthened sense of dignity, peace, and prosperity.

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News & Stories From the Field

TPRF Releases 2015 Annual Report Detailing Work

The newly released 2015 Annual Report shows that the year was full of growth for The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) and its initiatives to help people around the globe live with dignity, peace, and prosperity.

Marian Masoliver on Documenting the “PEP Effect”

Marian Masoliver is a filmmaker who has been traveling to document the effect that the Peace Education Program is having on diverse groups of people. In this blog she shares thoughts on the experience.

Peace Education Comes to Mauritius

The Peace Education Program (PEP) is being warmly received in the small tropical island nation of Mauritius, which lies 1,200 miles off the southeast coast of Africa. The innovative course became available after Maoomar Hoota, a 21-year-old engineering student, took the initiative to bring it to the Atlantis Business School in the town of Vacoas.

Together, We Achieve Results

countries where TPRF has volunteers

meals served at Food for People facilities in 2015

participants in the Peace Education Program in 2015

Show Your Support

Your support helps empower millions of people across the globe to live with a strengthened sense of dignity, peace, and prosperity. Each donation is important, whatever the size, and can help make a big difference in peoples’ lives, whether through the Peace Education Program or by providing essential humanitarian aid to those most in need.


People Powered Events

Each year, supporters all over the world raise significant funds for the Foundation through independent fundraising events and initiatives. These events happen because of People Power—the power of people working together to help other people. If you’d like to have fun raising funds and awareness, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Make a Difference

The work of TPRF is propelled by people like you—volunteers who use their imagination, talent, and enthusiasm to support the Foundation’s programs and initiatives. Join our amazing team of volunteers!




Instagram: Snapshots from the Field

  • Children enjoy their lunch break at the Food for People facility in Ghana. #TPRF #Ghana #Africa #westafrica #foodaid #humanitarian #education
  • Marian Masoliver (pictured here holding the camera) has been interviewing participants in the Peace Education Program (PEP) around the world. In a new blog at she shares her perspective on what it's like to witness the "PEP Effect." #TPRF #peaceispossible #peaceeducation #PEPStories
  • The Peace Education Program recently started being offered at @atlantisbusinessschool in Mauritius. #peaceeducation #tprf #mauritius #peaceispossible
  • The Peace Education Program is currently available in 7 prisons in Ghana and is in the process of expanding to all 45 prisons throughout the country. In this video some of the inmates and officers talk about their experience with the program. #TPRF #ghana #criminaljustice #peace #peaceispossible #peaceeducation #pep #humanity #africa
  • Another shipment of food and supplies recently arrived in the  Esmeraldas Province of Ecuador to help earthquake victims. #TPRF #ecuador #ecuadorearthquake #earthquake #emergencyrelief #foodaid #humanity
  • "Individuals who are involved in preventing crime should be the first ones to be centered. They should have personal peace because that is key to prevent crime. Not everything can be solved with weapons, or more police force, more armored vehicles or more aggression." -- Captain Antonio Morales, Commander of the Naval Police in Veracruz. Read the new story about how the Peace Education Program is being integrated into Mexican Naval training regimes: #peaceispossible #peaceeducation #tprf #mexico #navy #military  #crimeprevention #veracruz #peace #training #PEP
  • Prem Rawat recently spoke to inmates who are participating in the Peace Education Program at Malmesbury Prison in South Africa. #TPRF #southafrica #premrawat #peaceeducation #peaceispossible
  • It's been a tough week for people in the Esmeraldas region of Ecuador. Numerous aftershocks with magnitudes of up to 6.4 have hit. #TPRF is helping by providing urgent aid such as the food being delivered in this photo to people in the recovery camp at El Mirador. #Ecuador #ecuadorearthquake #earthquake #humanitarian #foodaid #emergencyresponse
  • Officials in Portugal recently presented Prem Rawat with the Silver Medal of Lisbon & St. Anthony for his peace advocacy work. #TPRF #peaceispossible #Portugal #Lisbon #PremRawat
  • "I am awed at the power of food to help these children. Now they are excited, happy, and able to just be kids. It's amazing!" - Christian Yaw Adinkra, a teacher in Otinibi, Ghana talking about the impact of the Food for People program on his students. Read the new interview with him at #TPRF #education #Ghana #food #foodaid #FoodforPeople #humanitarian #Africa
  • "It's a moving experience to witness people whose lives are affected by the Peace Education Program. Facilitating the course, I gain as much as any participant," says Tim Weinhold. The TPRF volunteer introduced the Peace Education Program to the Adult Community Education system of Minneapolis. Read Tim's story at #peaceeducation #minneapolis #education #peaceispossible #pepstories #tprf
  • Thousands of people across the globe tuned into the video stream from yesterday's successful "Inside Peace" forum co-sponsored by Tutu Foundation and #TPRF. For those who couldn't see it live, we're happy to let you know that video of the event will be available early next week for on-demand viewing, along with more info about the impact of the conference. Pictured here are the panelists having a lively discussion about #criminaljustice #peaceeducation #ubuntu #peace and more.

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